Wednesday, February 6, 2008



The Yes We Can Songby will.i.amI was sitting in my recording studio watching the debates...Torn between the candidatesI was never really big on politics...and actually I’m still not big on politics...but 4 years ago, me and the black eyed peas supported Kerry...And we supported Kerry with all our might...We performed and performed and performed for the DNC...doing all we could do to get the youth involved...The outcome of the last 2 elections has saddened me...on how unfair, backwards, upside down, unbalanced, untruthful,corrupt, and just simply, how wrong the world and "politics" are...So this year i wanted to get involved and do all i could early...And i found myself torn...because this time it’s not that simple...our choices aren’t as clear as the last elections ...last time it was so obvious...Bush and warvsno Bush and no war...But this time it’s not that simple...and there are a lot of people that are torn just like i am...So for awhile I put it off and i was going to wait until it was decided for me...And then came New Hampshire...And i was captivated...Inspired...I reflected on my life...and the blessings I have...and the people who fought for me to have these rights and blessings...and I’m not talking about a "black thing"I’m talking about a "human thing" me as a "person"an American...That speech made me think of Martin Luther King...Kennedy...and Lincoln...and all the others that have fought for what we have today...what America is "supposed" to be...freedom...equality...and truth...and thats not what we have today...we think we are free...but in reality terror and fear controls our decisions...this is not the America that our pioneers and leaders fought anddied for...and then there was New Hampshireit was that many great speeches...that one moved me...because words and ideas are powerful...It made me think...and realize that today we have "very few" leaders...maybe none...but that inspired inspired me to look inside myself and outwards towards the inspired me to want to change myself to better the world...and take a "leap" towards change...and hope that others become inspired to do the same...change themselves..change their greed...change their fears...and if we "change that""then hey"..we got something right...???...1 week later after the speech settled in me...I began making this song...I came up with the idea to turn his speech into a song...because that speech effected and touched my inner core like nothing in a very long spoke to me...because words and ideas are powerful...I just wanted to add a melody to those words...I wanted the inspiration that was bubbling inside me to take i let it..I wasn't afraid to stand for stand for "change"...I wasn't afraid of "fear" was pure I called my friends...and they called their a matter of 2 days...We made the song and video...Usually this process would take months...a bunch of record company people figuring out strategies and release dates...interviews...all that stuff...but this time i took it in my own i called my friends sarah pantera, mike jurkovac, fred goldring, and jesse dylan to help make it happen...and they called their friends..and we did it together in 48 hours...and instead of putting it in the hands of profit we put it in the hands of inspiration...then we put it on the net for the world to feel...When you are truly inspired..magic happens...incredible things happens..(and with that combination)"love, and inspiration"change happens..."change for the better"Inspiration breeds change..."Positive change" one on this planet is truly experienced to handle the obstacles we face today...Terror, fear, lies, agendas, politics, money, all the above...It’s all scary...Martin Luther King didn't have experience to lead...Kennedy didn't have experience to lead...Susan B. Anthony...Nelson Mandela...Rosa Parks...Gandhi...Anne Frank...and everyone else who has had a hand in molding the freedoms we have and take for granted one truly has experience to deal with the world today...they just need "desire, strength, courage ability, and passion" to change...and to stand for something even when people say it's not possible...America would not be here "today" if we didn’t stand and fight forchange "yesterday"...Everything we have as a "people" is because of the "people" who fought forchange...and whoever is the President has to realize we have a lot of changing to doI'm not trying to convince people to see things how i do...I produced this song to share my new found inspiration and how I've been moved...I hope this song will make you think...and be inspired just like the speech inspired me...that’s all...Let's all come together like America is supposed to...Like Japan did after Hiroshima...that was less than 65 years ago...and look at Japan now...they did it together...they did it..."We can't?...Are you serious..?..WE CAN!!!Yes we can...A United "America"Democrats, Republicans and Independents together...Building a new AmericaWe can do it..."TOGETHER"Please visit www.yeswecansong.comThank you for reading and

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Christmas morning!! Mimi and Nazr were so excited. I think they got everything they wanted and then some. We had such a great holiday.

Christmas Eve with the fam

Nazr playing WII at Mckaylee's. Little did he know he would be getting one from "santa" the next morning.
This is Mimi and Paris, my cousin Ben's daughter. They were shaking their heads all crazy!

We spent xmas eve at Mckaylee's house. She is pregnant with twins. A girl and a boy. We love you mimi and kenz. The kids had such a great time. This is Mimi and Kenzington. She is my cousin Camron's daughter.

Mimi and Tay Tay

Wow aren't they the cutest babies you have ever seen? Taylor is my best friends daughter. She is 5 days older than Mimi. This was taken just a few days before xmas. Sumar and her fam were in town. Mimi loves her friend "Tay Tay".

Nazr's Christmas Performance

Oh how cute!! Nazr's christmas performance. They sang songs, including some in spanish and chinese. Of course I was on the oppisite side of where he was. He is so cute, we are so proud of him. He is an awesome kid.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Wow, this month and year have gone by so fast. Mimi and Nazr are growing so fast, right before my eyes. Well I hope everyone got their xmas cards. I know I am such a loser and need to get some pics posted for everyone to see here. George already gave me my present. It is a new video cam. Now I will be able to download pics and video from the same spot. So stay tuned and don't give up on me. ;) Well I love you all.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas so soon?

Yea!! It is Christmas season. We love Christmas. I am looking forward to Mimi actually knowing what is going on, and being excited to open her presents. We are going to get her to give santa her binkies in exchange for toys!! We will see how well that works HE HE! We love you all and we will be sending out Christmas cards soon.